Safety Check List and Helpful Tips

Safety Check List

  • Per NHDOT regulations: workers on State roads (Rt. 11 & 103 & 103-B) must be at least 18 years of age and wear a reflective safety vest.
  • Volunteers with vehicles picking up full litter bags must also wear a safety vest . . . keep vehicle hazard lights flashing.
  • Always wear gloves when picking up litter.
  • To avoid scrapes, cuts and germs, wear a long sleeve shirt and pants. Brightly colored, highly visible clothing is recommended.
  • Wear sturdy shoes or boots.
  • DO NOT wear ear buds or headphones.
  • Only collect trash …. DO NOT collect brush, branches, leaves or animal feces.

Mark the location and notify your zone captain if you find any of the following items:

  • DO NOT pick up animal carcasses.
  • DO NOT pick up or try to remove medical waste, syringes, hypodermic needles.
  • DO NOT collect or try to move unknown or suspicious drug substances such as plastic bottles with attached tubing or small hoses, and/or bottles containing batteries or substances not consistent with the original purpose of the container.
  • DO NOT pick up gas cans, propane tanks or Coleman fuel cans.

Keep recyclable litter separate from trash.
Bring unusual or valuable found items back to the Safety Services Bldg.


  • Pace yourself.
  • Work in pairs on one side of the road at a time.
  • Keep vehicles on the same side of the road as the volunteers (with hazard lights flashing).
  • Watch your footing when working on slopes.
  • Avoid over-exertion . . . take breaks . . . drink water.
  • When litter bag is heavy, tie it closed even if it is not full and leave for the pickup team.
  • Make sure children are kept in a “safety zone” . . . preferably between 2 parked cars or between at least two adults.
  • Report any problems and/or unusually heavy objects to the captain who will arrange for pick up.
  • Carry a cellphone per team along with emergency contact numbers.