Haunted Halloween

photo-1445445096960-c6fd1a3b901eGhosts & goblins will be gathering down by the riverside on Halloween from 5 to 8. Join the “Tailgate Trick-or-Treating” then cross over the Covered Bridge and, if you dare, take a stroll thru the Haunted Woods to have your Fortune told.

“Double, double, toil and trouble  .. fire burn
and cauldrons bubble” Witches will be casting their “hocus pocus” spells down by the riverside on Halloween Eve. Gather at the site of the Sugar River Bridge on River Road from 5 to 8 pm.  Dine on tasty morsels, go Tailgate “Trick or Treating” Venture over the bridge to the Haunted Tunnel… if you dare? Then into the woods past the Spooky Graveyard where Sinister Spirits live! Follow the Pumpkin Trail to the Teller of Fortunes A Magical Frightful Night of Fun for all ages!

Volunteer to help conjure up the Halloween Happenings.