Project Sunapee Mission:

Project Sunapee is dedicated to the well being of the Town of Sunapee by strengthening the sense of community, encouraging economic vitality, fostering education, and supporting the preservation of the cultural, historic, and scenic assets of our community.

Project Sunapee Vision:

We are an organization dedicated to nurturing our town. Our goal is to strengthen our sense of community, encourage economic vitality, support education, and preserve our cultural, historic and scenic assets.

We aim to accomplish this goal through the following endeavors:

  • Provide local opportunities for community members to gather, and socialize
  • Support the education of local children via supporting our schools and providing requested assistance when appropriate.
  • Encourage communication within the town by informing residents of events and town happenings, while providing the opportunity for townspeople to communicate with us.
  • Support local organizations, and the Town of Sunapee, in their efforts to enrich the area.
  • Create opportunities for community members to become involved in our town, be involved in our success, and give back.
  • Support town efforts in making the town, and the harbor, usable, appealing and accessible for all members of our community.

Current Project Sunapee Initiatives:

  • Build our organization
  • Support school events, student learning, and provide classroom volunteers
  • Host, plan, and support town events
  • Develop our website, newsletter and communication process
  • Create a means to welcome new members to the area